Monday, July 18, 2016

2017 Ford Escape from a Dealership Near Clarksville, IN: Best Car for Any Excursion

Your daily commute just got better with the 2017 Ford Escape, featuring performance enhancements that will take you straight into the future. Available in a variety of performance configurations, the 2017 Escape is ready for any commuting task, be it a road trip, a daily carpool, or just a trip to the park. It’s ready, so you better be.

Performance Tweaked for You

You have a choice between three engine lines in the 2017 Escape. The 1.5L EcoBoost, standard on the SE and Titanium variants, is the most efficient engine in the model’s line. Combining turbocharging and direct injection technologies, it will give you optimum mileage and with Auto Start-Stop Technology to boot.

Fancy a balance between power and efficiency? The 2.0L EcoBoost option delivers high performance and efficient fuel use with Auto-Start-Stop Tech. Its trump card is the Twin-Scroll turbo design that uses two chambers and two exhaust runners that flow into the turbo. This configuration allows for faster torque delivery whenever you need it.

Lastly, the 2.5L i-VCT engine available on the Escape S model uses intake variable cam timing, which varies valve timing to suit driving conditions. This improves performance throughout low-end acceleration to high-end cruising conditions.

Built For the Future That is Today

The 2017 Escape includes the standard suite of tech options, including SYNC 3, SYNC Connect, and more. SYNC 3 comes with a user-friendly interface, whose new hardware and software provides enhanced infotainment. Connect yourself to your car with SYNC-Connect and FordPass for the ability to monitor your car’s stats, location, and even control functions like start, lock, and unlock.

Intelligence of the Future

When road conditions worsen, the Escape’s Intelligent 4WD System actively monitors traction and road conditions at 16-millisecond intervals. It transfers torque from the front wheels to the rear as needed for precisely blending handling and traction constantly.

Lush Design 

Nowadays flashy interiors aren’t everything. In this Escape, you get comfortable seating with ample trim to give the cabin as much style as befits its performance. So, if you need a car that’s safe, powerful, and intuitive, getting a 2017 Escape from a Ford dealership near Clarksville, IN may be your best decision yet.

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