Monday, October 31, 2016

The 2017 Ford Fusion from a Dealership around Louisville, KY: More Than Just a Four-Door Sedan

If space is a concern for your daily drives, upgrade to the 2017 Ford Fusion. It makes every daily commute as relaxing as the next, especially considering the materials and features you are surrounded by. It’s the perfect sedan for cruising in comfort no matter where you’re headed.

A Smart Design

Modern sedans have come a long way these past couple of years, and the 2017 Ford Fusion is no exception. Its smart design improves your experiences in many situations. Pre-Collision Assist uses a radar system and a camera to monitor the environment up ahead, bringing your vehicle to a stop if something gets in the way. When you need it the most, this system has your back. Furthering your safety is the rearview camera, a standard part that brings the view behind your vehicle to the front touchscreen the moment you start backing up.

Looking Towards the Future

Ford is constantly elevating the bar with their tech features. The 2017 Ford Fusion introduces you to SYNC 3, It features voice-automated controls and an 8-inch touchscreen for when you want to let your fingers do the work. With SYNC Connect, you essentially turn the center console into a smartphone, giving you full control of entertainment while on the go.

If you want an upgraded entertainment experience with limited distractions, Sirius XM radio is available. It lets you scan hundreds of stations quickly. Also available is a navigation system, in case you want real-time information regarding weather, traffic, and routes to any location.

Unleash the 2017 Ford Fusion, turning heads in a whole new way, by going to a Ford dealership around Louisville, KY. This vehicle is something to behold in person, and even more impressive when in action.

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