Friday, December 9, 2016

Ford Dealers Near Louisville, KY Offer the 2017 Ford Fusion: Flaunting Style and Substance

When it comes to style, the 2017 Ford Fusion is a genuine crowd-pleaser. As states in its review of the best-selling vehicle, it remains one of the most attractive options in the four-door segment at its price range. Serving testament to the old adage, "don’t fix something that isn’t broken," the 2017 edition applies only minor tweaks to its design—basically improvements to the front, the bumpers and taillights.

One might be tempted to say the 2017 Ford Fusion has become complacent. Upon a closer glance, however, it is evident that this model is not resting on its laurels or relying solely on its looks. Conversely, the 2017 Fusion broadens its appeal to bring new potential owners into the fold. It does so with the introduction of two new trims: the robust Fusion Sport and the luxury-oriented Fusion Platinum. Read more on this article:

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