Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 Ford Edge SEL from Louisville, KY Nearby Dealers: Family SUV for Every Occasion

Having a capable and reliable family car is imperative, which is why you need something like the 2016 Ford Edge SEL near Louisville, KY that has proven its worth many times. It's the kind of car that will create some of the best memories your kids will have of your road trips together, ones that they will look back at with a smile on their face when they grow up. The 2016 Ford Edge SEL comes with a great balance of performance and comfort, while the SEL package brings awesome additional features. The 2016 Ford Edge SEL near Louisville Defines the Family Car There are numerous things that make the 2016 Edge SEL a great family car. The abundance of space is one that is often most valued. No matter where you sit, you will always have more than enough head and legroom in 2016 Ford Edge SEL near Louisville, KY. Even though it can be considered a compact SUV, it features lots of storage room and can handle the luggage a family of four would usually take on a road trip or elsewhere.

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