Monday, February 29, 2016

Check out the 2016 Ford Escape fom Dealerships Serving Clarksville, IN

Are you in need of an SUV that is small and yet as powerful as its larger counterparts? An energy saving car that makes every mile worth the money you spend? Why not take a look at the 2016 Ford Escape? This car offers performance that is sure to impress.

Power Performance

Power is very important in an SUV, it is required to push the car and take you places. The 2016 Ford Escape comes with six automatic gears and an Eco-boosting 2.0 liter engine that can max up to 240hp. In addition to this, the exterior of the vehicle is aerodynamically designed to cruise along the highway without feeling the pull of the wind. The grille shutters close to reduce and cut down the amount of air that passes through the radiator and this reduces the drag that the car feels. The engine on this car can haul up to an amazing 3,500 pounds with its trailer tow. Swaying and rolling are automatically detected and averted with a sway control system that caters for both car and cargo.

Enhanced Safety

A powerful car requires precautionary measures to help it keep its passengers and other road users safe and sound. The 2016 ford Escape is no exception. It uses advanced tracking technology so it is able to stay in lane and take even sharp curves with ease. It also has a personal safety system that includes a myriad of airbags that will cushion in the event of a collision.

To further help you handle the dangers on the road, the front wheels automatically adjust during cornering and transfer traction to the outside of the wheels.

Find out more by visiting a Ford dealership serving in the Clarksville, IN area today.


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